UV coating - print protection by printable CD & DVD

If a small quantity discs should be printed the used printing technology is a direct full-color print on discs with a high-hygroscopic printable surface. It is the way to allow inks to go into printable surface leaving a very good high resolution full-color image. After print the discs get coated with a very thin protective layer lacquer, which get cured (dried) with an ultraviolet light. This service is known as UV coating.

What are the advantages of UV coating?


The UV coating improves the visual appeal of the printed surface providing a glossy or matte finish (according to the lacquer chosen), getting bright, vibrant and shiny colors.

High transparency

The UV lacquer is clear and transparent. It makes details pop and stand out enhancing the contrast of ink without dimming the colors.

Instantaneous drying time with UV light exposure

Just a few seconds and the disc is ready for use. It needs just to be cured as it passes under intense ultraviolet light.

Extremly fine lacquer layer

UV coating does not add a measurable thickness to the printed product . It does not make the disc heavier or unbalanced, does not encapsulate the edges of the disc, preparing visual or technical disadvantages.

Good abrasion resistance

The disc is a product with a long life, taken in hands, carried from one place to another under different weather conditions. The UV coating protects the printed surface from scratching and dirt, stops the humidity to infiltrate into the hygroscopic ink-receptive printing area.


The print is absolutely waterproof (the user can put the disc into water)

Environmentally friendly

UV coatings are free of solvents and do not emit volatile organic compounds, mutagens, fetal toxins or carcinogens.

UV waves do not damage the disc

The UV light is a part of the Earth atmosphere. It damages neither the material used by CD / DVD manufacturing, nor the inks used for printing of the image.

Is writing on a UV coated disc possible?


Every printed and coated disc can be labeled by hand writing with an additional text.

Arange place for writing

Design a line/ lines for name, data, etc....

Pick a marker

It is enough to have a marker for disc and to write.

If you should provide your client with an individual information, such as price offer, technical specifications, etc.  you can add it extra. The greatest benefit of using this is for the medical centers. Tha pacient receives an idividual copy with the logo of the institution and his personal name added.