modeli CD & DVD CD DVD 120 mm mini CD DVD 80 mm shaped CD DVD click here Slide CD & DVD printing inkjet offset UV print click here М-Дизайн - печат на CD DVD дискове Slide Duplicating & Replicating recordable CD & DVD stamper click here М-Дизайн - запис на CD DVD дискове Slide Master-disc for duplication for stamper click here М-Дизайн - мастер-диск за CD DVD тиражиране Slide design-prepress M-Design дизайн и предпечат - М-Дизайн - home Design & Prepress discs packages, inserts for CD & DVD boxes click here printing materials Slide М-Дизайн - CD DVD кутийки CD & DVD boxes casual CD DVD packages with fullcolor printed iserts click here Slide М-Дизайн - картонени опаковки за CD DVD дискове Cardboard wallets various models for all kind of discs click here Slide М-Дизайн - луксозни опаковки за CD DVD Luxury package M-PACK ® magnet & cardan-joint construction patented click here Slide М-Дизайн - мултимедийна картичка с вграден CD DVD диск CD DVD postcard with a disc inside patented научи повече CD holder М-Дизайн - CD DVD холдери CD hubs & spiders Foam hub (dot) & plastic spider (clips) manufactured by us click here business card М-Дизайн - CD DVD визитки Shaped CD & DVD CD DVD business cards manufactured by us click here USB запис на USB | USB duplication - услуга на М-Дизайн USB print & duplication small & big series click here direct UV printing


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