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CD DVD content

text formatting, photo & video editing | DVD authoring

The good disc content, the organization of the materials in a pleasant and user-friendly look, so that the user finds quick the needed, all of this is extremely important in the dynamic  nowadays.

We offer you:

Text formating

We will consider your requirements and preferences for fonts and colors.
We will organize the text according requirements of the screen presentation.

Pictures editing

We will edit all pictures according display requirements. We will apply the brightness/contrast adjustment, color balance and sharpness.
We could apply effects and filters, add or remove objects, adjust perspective...

Video editing

We will edit the video clips you provide to us - add/ combine clips, cut frames, add titles, effects, transitions...

DVD authoring

We will organize your video files so, that you can select which video to play by a menu. The video will be played on computer or video player. There will  be languages - audio or subtitles. All the information will be transformed in the so-called legitimate logical DVD file structure.


All texts, pictures and video files organized in one unified presentation.

Folders with files

Organization of the edited materials - texts, pictures and video files - in folders so, that they will have a logical hierarchy in a disc in data format.