обработка на снимки

Photo editing

making photos ready for print or Internet

Whether you need a banner, flyer, catalog or just want to refresh your favorite photos, we are here with our expertise and programs to help you achieve the desired result. And the best photo with the perfect model or object needs editing (retouching) - to highlight details, to delete others, to enhance / refresh colors ... When working on photos for a catalog, the objects in the photo should be on white background, which helps to focus the user's attention on the object. At the same time, the white background is an exceptional plus when using the photo on the Internet. It is lighter and loads faster, which is important for SEO optimization.

The photo editing includes:

Visual corrections:

  • color corrections - hue, saturation, color balance
  • exposure correction - brightness, contrast, light shades, environment
  • removal of unnecessary elements
  • perspective / rotation
  • restoring / adding of missing elements in the photo
  • removal of scratches and stains
  • removal of defects in the skin of the face and body - spots, freckles, "red eyes"
  • selection and cut of an object
  • replacement / addition of an object
  • replacement of background, sky, interior…
  • adding effects
  • adding / removing of text

Preparation of the image according to its purpose

digital / offset printing or Internet

  • size
  • resolution
  • color mode - RGB, CMYK, profiles
  • image optimization for the Internet space - compression of the image without loss / with minimal loss of quality
  • export in appropriate formats
обработка на снимки - цветови корекции, контраст, експозиция, изрязване, смяна на фон

The image shows selecting and cutting the part with the furniture, complete removal of the existing interior, incl. decoration on the table, creating a new interior and partial exterior, color correction, brightness and contrast of the preserved element ...

When you provide the materials you have, we will specify in advance whether they are suitable for the purposes for which you want to use them. If the order is larger (for example, preparing images for a catalog or a website), it is good to provide more than one photo. So we will have a real idea of the quality of the materials.

We can use the already edited pictures to create designs for various printing materials or for use on the Internet, according to your needs. You can count on us to design your printed materials - flyers, brochures, catalogs ..., as well as those for use on the Internet - electronic catalogs, advertising banners or images for web sites or social media like YouTube, Facebook and more.