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Choose M-Design

20 years of experience

We have worked with hundreds of cliens in all kind of branches.

Specialized equipment

We have everything needed for the realization of your project.

Every project is unique

Every single detail gets our attention, however big or small is the project.

Quality and quickness guaranted

We work quick and precise with high quality materials.

Аnnual recognitions and awards

Your success proves our capabilities.


Our client should be satisfied with the production time and quality, with the responsible and proffessional attitude
We believe the satisfied customer is the best warrant and the shortest way to the success.


Team and production line

A team of well organized professional guarantees the achievement of results wished in quality and on time.
We own programming, design and printing stations for realizing different off- and online applications. as well as for printing on disks and/ or paper/ cardboard (according to the end result aimed)

M-Design is the only company in Bulgaria with equipment for producing shaped CD/ DVDs (rectangle, oval, triangle or other free drawn shape).
We produce also CD/ DVD foam hubs and plastic spiders with selfadhesive board.