Frequently asked questions

In fact "or" is not the case. The first product does't substitude the second one. They complement each other.
A multimedia presentation is the shortest way to the web site with the always current information. The presentation can introduce a new product and the web site can submit the overall picture of what the company does. And the opposite - if the presentation introduces the company's activities completely, at the web site can be displayed the newest information and achievements.
What the most important is - everything should work for the success of the company!

If you only collect the information you are interested in (some text documents, photos and/or graphics, something in *.pdf, others in *.cdr, *.ai or *.jpg) and burn it on a disc, it is not a presentation. It can be used for internal information, but it does not have the character of organisation, representativeness and style.

The information on CD/DVD and at the WEB should not be the same. The disc can introduce the full products range of your company with technical specification or other information not presented at the WEB. You can promote a new product, present a report, prepare a presentation for a seminar or conference... If you need any information that is already published at the WEB, but is not included in the presentation, a direct link will connect you with the WEB site directly. When a client of you uses this CD/DVD, he will have also a direct access to your WEB site and e-mail and will contact you when needed.

Let's think about:

1. What is the price of a disc and an USB?

The price of a CD or DVD is several times lower than the price of an USB

2. What is the surface, which can be used for advertising?

The surface of a disc is much bigger than this of an USB. When we add the surface of the disc package, the positives why to use a disc for advertisement is there.  

3. Are discs and USBs rewritable?

Rewritable are only discs with RW signature. A CD-R or DVD-Rq as well as CD-ROM or DVD-ROM are not rewritable
The USB flash drives are rewritable. By giving a client an USB with companies and/ or advertizing information, catalogue, etc. the client could  use the USB memory for her own purposesq to add files or to delete the existing information.

4. Are CD/ DVD and USB drives always available?

Every computer nowadays has an USB connection.

The tendence in the last years is the production of notbooks and laptops without CD/ DVD drives.
However our cars and home players use discs.

The UV uses inks which get hard under UV radiation. The process is the same as by inkjet printing. The ultraviolet light polymerize the UV inks and they become a stable, hard-to-hurt rich in colors film.

There are UV printers with color inks only (4 - CMYK  or 6 - CMYKLcLm), other use white color, too. The white comes first to make the base white and to be a part of the picture.

The printer we have has 7 colors - CMYKLcLm + W (white).

The Uv inks can be used on glass, plastic, metals, textile, etc. It makes the print suitable for advertizing branche - print on souvenirs (pens,  cigarette lighter, notebooks), glasses, cups, mugs, bottles, plates and more.

Some surfaces need UV primers (ground) to achieve a stable long-lasting adhesion between surface and UV inks.