дизайн design

Design & Prepress

of discs, packages and inserts, USB flash memories, printing materials, screen products

The graphic design is the visual communication across printed or screen product and the customer.

"The goog vision sells!" Did you hear about this? Yes, the good looking product commits, impresses, leаves a long-lasting influence...

Here you will find full cooperation and support by creating the desired vision of your files. We will discuss together your ideas, will formate texts, edit pictures, video... In the proper resolution and for what the materials will be used in the different media.

We find creative solutions for:


We will consider your requirements and preferences for fonts and colors, will add text/ lotype/ pictures or other images/ textures.
We will suggest solutions, based on the printing technology best for the quantity required.

Inserts (inlays) for CD DVD boxes and cardboard wallets

We will preserve the visual identity between disc and package transfering the ideas, already used by designing disc. Of cource, they will be adapt to the new environment.

USB Flash memory

Only a logotype or a colourfull image... We will offer a reasonable design according to the available printing area of the various USB flash memory models.

дизайн - обвързаност на диск и вложка - една идея  | design - one idea in disc and insert

DVD menu or presentation

Let have integrity here, too. The content will continue to have the characteristic signs, allready approved for disc and package. The screen parameters are different from those, used for printing materials.

printing materials

You can rely on us for the good outlook of your printed advertising materials - flyers, brochures, folders, catalogues...

дизайн - обща идея за дизайн на съдържание и диск | design - content, menu and disc

If you want to prepare allone the design of files needed, please contact us to supply you with templates for discs, for the different inserts for CD DVD boxes, for cardboard packages, USB flash memories or other printing materials.    

The aproved files get printed on disc, USB, paper, cardboard... it depends on the purpose of the product.