shaped CD DVD - CD DVD визитка М-Дизайн

Shaped CD & DVD

Your CD/DVD business card

M-DESIGN is the only company in Bulgaria which has the equipment for producing of shaped CD & DVD - discs with shapes other than the standard 120 mm disc, known also as CD or DVD business cards.

Why should the disc be definitely round?  It can be also triangle, square, oval or free shaped, following the lines of a logotype or an abreviation...

The technology allows the production of  CD & DVD in a free drawn shape by respecting following conditions:

only replicated discs

Shaped can be every replicated disc (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM), not a recordable one.

1000 pcs. and more

The minimum quantity for shaping discs is 1000 pcs.

well balanced

The shape must be well balanced and at least three point of its outer edge must touch either the outer 120 mm diameter rim of the players tray where standard size discs fit or the inner rim where 80 mm diameter mini discs fit. 

the capacity depends on the size

The data zone ends there, where the uninterrupted circular tracks end. 
A 62 mm wide CD has a capacity of 50 МВ, the 67 mm CD - up to 70 МВ. DVD with the same dimensions has a capacity of 300 MB and up to 440 МВ.

More about tha discs capacity according their shape and type (see/ download a pdf) 

As a recordable CD-R with 50 МВ capacity we have limited quantity only rectangle and oval shape. If you need a small quantity, please check availability.

A shaped disc can be played on every DVD drives with a plastic tray, which extends out from the machine to accept disks - see the video: