master-dics, мастер диск М-Дизайн


for duplicating or preparing a stamper for replicating a CD or DVD

When you ask us to duplicate or replicate files / audio/ video on CD or DVD, we need a master-disc to copy the information as many times as required.

The clients do not allways suply a master-disc. Very often they send us the files via e-mail, or upload them on our client zone or other platform or give us an image file.

You can count on us to create your master-disc in the following formats:

data CD & DVD

The disc can be played only in computer. The files in are in diffenet formats like docx, pdf, jpg, png, mp3, mp4, wmv, avi, mpg....  They can be grupped in folders, how the client requires.

Audio CD (80 min/ 700 MB)

The disc can be played on Audio system or computer. If CD text is inserted on the player display runs information like album name, artist, track name. In such a disc you can not see the audio files with a name and extension.  Here you see only Track 1, Track 2, etc.

mp3CD (700 MB)

The disc can be played on most car and home players, as well as on computer player. The music files are in mp3 format, just like a data disc. The volum is several times bigger than an Audio CD.

Audio DVD

The music files are as mp3 available, just like a data disc. The volume is several times bigger than an Audio CD. The DVD-Audio disc can not be played on most home DVD players. No problem to listen the music on a computer.

DVD video

The DVD video disc get played on stand alone DVD player or computer player in PAL (25 fps, 720x576 px) or NTSC (29.97 fps, 720×480 px). A menu allows a convinient access to a number of video files or different language versions in audio or subtitles. In such a disc the primary file name and extension is not more available. Here you can see just format specific files.

IMPORTANT! Before creating rhe master-disc in DVD video format is a process, called DVD authoring required (creating a DVD file structure). For thise is more time and professional skills required and this is not a part of disc mastering.

For projects replicated | duplicated by us

creating a master-disc is a part of the service