M-Pack - trade mark M-Design

Registered trade mark M-PACK®

M-DESIGN Ltd. has registered in Patent department the trade mark M-PACK ® and offer with this mark his own production luxury packages (developed and patented by M-DESIGN) and CD/ DVD hubs and spiders.

The mark itself combines typographical and graphical elements, which presents the idea of discs packaging means created by M-DESIGN.

It is realized in black and green on white background for displays and printing and in figuration to be stamped on plastic CD/ DVD rosettes.

The mark is simple and easy to be memored. Used is just the Latin version, what makes the mark distinguishable by every single user, whatever languages he/ she uses. The letter "C" is a reference to the shape and the features of a disc, incl. of a shaped disc. (The company is the only one in Bulgaria, which owns equipment for producing shaped discs). The green color of the letter reffers to the green idea by producing CD/ DVD packages.

Under the trade mark М-РАСК® we provide several models luxury packages - with heavyweight covers and versions with magnet and cardan-joint closure and sliding tray, as well as the CD/DVD postcard. We have models for standard CD/DVD 120 mm, for mini CD/DVD 80 mm, as well as for some shaped discs. Our CD/DVD hubs and spiders are marked also with this sign.

The М-РАСК® packages has his admirers among our clients. The luxury package was awarded by the Union "Produced in Bulgaria" and owns a Diploma and the Golden lion. Our series "Bulgarian Landmarks" in CD/ DVD postcard was awarded in Category New technologies Section Souvenirs on AdvertisingExpo 2008.