CD DVD printable surface - CD DVD дискове с печатаемо покритие ß М-Дизайн

About CD DVD with printable surface

When a small quantity discs is required we use discs with printable surface (printable CD-R & DVD-R). The printing technology is inkjet print with UV coating.

The market offers discs produced by different factories. The printing surface has therefore different quality. By printing of one and the same file by one and the same printing settings on discs of different manufacturers there are visible differences.


better differentiation of fine elements


clear separation of the elements


preserve colors after printing


blurring fine elements


interfusion of colors


color change after printing

You can rely on us for the right choice of discs with printable surface.

To designers

Request template

The printable surface has dimensions specified by the disc manufacturer.

Avoid a monochrome background

By inkjet printing the photo realistic pictures locks more impacting.

Consider the size of the fonts used

If the font is small and has thin elements, it may be unreadable.

Look at the file in real size

On a large monitor, every little item has a wonderful pattern. Make sure the graphic elements stand out well with a real disk size, too.