CD hub & spider - CD холдер - М-Дизайн

CD hubs and spiders

foam and plastic center for attachind discs

M-Design has his own production of CD/DVD foam hubs and spiders. It is a realy reliable method for attaching a disc into a book, a brochure, a folder or a catalog, if some other special disc's package is not intended.
The disc is inside, no danger to be scratched, stays in the book/ brochure/ catalogue as an optical media, providing aditional information to the already printed. A proper graphical design of the page where the disc belongs, could make the disc an element in the entire composition, not an unexpected object.

CD  холдер, част от дизайна на опаковката на диска | CD hub integrated in the design

M-DESIGN produces two types of CD/ DVD centers/ clips:

CD холдер гумен (гумен) | foam_hub

Foam hub/ dot 

  • diameter: 15 mm
  • height: 3 mm
  • material: foam
  • color: white and black (other colors by order for more than 3000 pcs.)
  • attaching the disc: friction in the disc center
CD холдер пластмасов | CD spider

Plastic spider/ clips 

  • diameter: 32 mm
  • height: 4 mm (incl. board)
  • material: plastic
  • color: transparent (clear)
  • attaching the disc: clips in the disc center

sticks on various surfaces

It sticks seamlessly on various surfaces - cardboard, laminate, plastic...

easy and comfortable usage

Just remove the wax paper and put on the prefered point.

high quality materials

We use only self-adhesive tape with high adhesive parameters produced in EU.

on stock guaranteed

The availability of plastic spiders and white and black foam hubs is guaranteed. Other colors foam hubs by order for quantities larger than 3000 pcs, when the color wanted is available.

Our own production line - warranty for quick supply and quality.
The production is marked with the trade mark M-PACK®