Web applications

Web applications

web applicationsINTERNET is no more a caprice, it is a necessity in our hurry day. Allow your partners and clients to be 24/7 with you through your attractive and informative appearance in the WEB space

How to achieve this?
• with an individual view
• with a distinctive corporate identity
• with an optimal structure allowing a prompt access to the information needed
• with an attractive and remarkable appearance
• through SEO optimization

We do not offer templates and do not look for an easy solution. We enforce an individual approach to every client, to achieve the right solution for him. We do not promise to finish a website in three days – it could be not enough for the initial research and planning of the project. We string along with the client trough every single stage of the project – planning, determining the goals and target, art working, programming, optimizing, publishing, advertising and promoting the website.

What to choose - static or dynamic website – it depends on your need to edit or change the information regularly. The static site has also motion elements, Flash banners, attractive menus. However, if it is already published, it could be not edit by the client.

If you need a site with the option to insert, remove, edit, etc. the information and to be independent, you have to choose the dynamic one. M-Design propones the building of an individual Content management system (CMS). It will be according to your needs and requirements and allows you to have always the current information without the support of a specialist.

The usage of HTML, PHP, JavaScript, mySQL Data Base ensures an attractive appearance and guarantees the optimal conditions for a prompt access to the information needed. SEO optimization improves the visibility of the website and provides a top search engine ranking.

In addition to the static and dynamic websites you can rely on us if you need banners, html-mails or web-based applications.