запис на USB | USB duplication services

USB Flash memory Duplication

M-Design offers the USB duplication service. We can duplicate your content or such prepared/ organized by us. Every data could get duplicated. It does not depend on its format. Important is only the volume. The volume of the content should be smaller than the capacity of the USB Flash memory.

Our clients can have our support by editing and organizing of the materials, which should come into the USB flash memory.

We can duplicate USB sticks given to us by the client or suplied by us.

The recording of the content is made by the method of duplication. That means automated recording of a group of USB sticks at the same time. Our equipment allows us to minimize the time for recording of a group of sticks approximatelly to the time, used to record one of them.  This make possible to have a time for execution of this service, which is not possible if you do this one by one on computer.

запис на USB - USB copier