Multimedia Presentation

Multimedia Presentation

There is no more imaginative and informative product than the multimedia presentation. Fascinate your clients and partners through multimedia, audio features and interactions! Free your phantasy!

interactive presentation


• compact
• attractive
• effective communication
• diversification of information
• fast access to the information
• user-friendly
• profitable
• heightened interest in your homepage
• wide field of application

Adobe Flash - for more than a decade this platform proves itself to be one of the most successful in creating attractive multimedia presentations.

The integration of text, pictures, graphics, sound (voice and music), video and animation, the freedom to select the needed information via attractive menus (incl. as a part of the entire design, the direct access to links, menuweb-sites and e-mail addresses, auto-run... there are just a part of futures granted by this platform.

/an illustration of Intro, Flash-menu and Exit of presentation  - documents not available/

html5 - as a standard for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web with rich application programming interfaces (APIs) html5 adds many new syntactic features.

The inclusion of video, audio and canvas elements, the integration of scalable vector graphics (SVG) create the base for multimedia and graphic content applications, which are able to run on tablets, too.

Video technologies - if you want a streaming  content to present your company/ hotel or products' lines than you need a video. An attractive animation of texts,  graphics or pictures in video videoformat can be the amaizing introduction of the standard Flash presentation, too.


• personal and corporate presentations
 • interactive products' catalogs
 • art galleries
 • fairs and exhubitions
 • congresses and conferences
 • events/ reports
 • hotels
 • offers for articles and services
 • promotions/ new products
 • educational courses and programs
 • advertising

Organisation of the presentation:presentation - individual look
There are no rules and norms how the content in a presentation should be structured. It depends on that who is the target, what is the main concern, what kind of materials as formats and volume are available, specific assigner's preferences, etc. How to be find the best approach to ensure attractive showing and impact the user gets determined for each project separately.

Your electronic business card
The presentation, created for you, can be your electronic business card. We can multiply it on standard or shaped CD or DVD. The appropriate package contributes to the good final vision of the product.