Audio CD, DVD Authoring

Mastering, Audio CD, DVD Authoring

Mastering, Audio CD, DVD Authoring

Bulgarian Military WonderYou want to insert the disc into player, to sit comfortably with the remote control device, to select from the menu the right language, movie, gallery or what ever is in the disc. It is not a problem...

DVD-authoring is a process, which could be explain like a stage in the DVD title creation. All multimedia components get collected, prepared, processed and arranged in a file structure that corresponds to one of the DVD standards (DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, Enhanced DVD, Web-DVD). The next stage is the physical transfer on the DVD media using different duplication/ replication methods.

The DVD authoring process for each of the DVD formats has specific details. However the end goal is the same - the creation of a legitimate logical DVD file structure

dvd_cine_filmThe DVD authoring process could be observed clearly in the DVD-Video authoring process.  All audio and video components get digitalized (captured) and encoded in a standard DVD format (e.g. MPEG-2 for the video and Dolby Digital for the audio files); menus and graphics for the compilation as well as the subtitles and/or additional audio tracks for the multilanguage projects get created. After preparing all materials they should be composed, programmed and compilated into a legitimate DVD file structure.

Special applications make the realization of the DVD authoring possible. According to the different level (Low-level, Mid-Level, High-Level) they permit access to a different level of the DVD specification. With Low-Level applications could be authored home video DVD titles. With High-Level applications could be authored multilanguage DVD titles with extremly complicated structure and playing opportunities as well as the dual layer formating.