Web site or presentation?
In fact "or" is not the case. The first product does't substitude the second one. They complement each other.
A multimedia presentation is the shortest way to the web site with the always current information. The presentation can introduce a new product and the web site can submit the overall picture of what the company does. And the opposite - if the presentation introduces the company's activities completely, at the web site can be displayed the newest information and achievements.
What the most important is - everything should work for the success of the company!

What is not a presentation?
If you only collect the information you are interested in (some text documents, photos and/or graphics, something in *.pdf, others in *.cdr, *.ai or *.jpg) and burn it on a disc, it is not a presentation. It can be used for internal information, but it does not have the character of organisation, representativeness and style.

Why should I have CD/DVD's, when I have a WEB site?
The information on CD/DVD and at the WEB should not be the same. The disc can introduce the full products range of your company with technical specification or other information not presented at the WEB. You can promote a new product, present a report, prepare a presentation for a seminar or conference... If you need any information that is already published at the WEB, but is not included in the presentation, a direct link will connect you with the WEB site directly. When a client of you uses this CD/DVD, he will have also a direct access to your WEB site and e-mail and will contact you when needed.

Why should I use a CD/DVD, when I have a book-catalogue?
Please, answer the following questions:
 • Why should you carry a bag with advertising materials when you can put in the pocket a 1,2 mm CD or DVD?
 • Why should you make a lot of catalogues' copies (the most printing houses print orders larger than 1000 pcs.)? We do not have limitation? You can order only 50 or 100...
 • Why should you turn over the pages of your catalogue, when you can find directly the searched information because of the interactive organized presentation?

Can I use a CD/DVD with content the preprint-pdf file instate of a presentation?
Yes, but it is not a presentation. It helps not the users. The interactivity, which ensures the fast access to the information searched is missing. All is static. No animation, no sound, no direct contacts. You just copy the catalogue. When the format of the print edition is not the right one, it is an additional obstacle.

A pdf presentation can look attractive, too. However, it is not the preprint file. Important are the size and orientation of the layout, the resolution of the single images, the font size, etc. The aspects considered by preparing a presentation and a file for printing are absolutely different. This affects the end product inevitably - as well as that for watching on screen or the other for printing.

What is the cost of a presentation?
The price of the end product has two components:
• the creating of the multimedia (presentation/ content)
• the CD/DVD copies and packaging

The price of the multimedia depends on the intricacies of the product: how the information has been given/ prepared by the client, volume and modifications needed, how will the presentation be organized, animation, sound (voice and/or music), videos, etc. The answer of this question comes after studying the materials and the client's requirements.

When the client submit the content ready for copying, the first aspect has not been considered by pricing.
The price of the CD/DVD copies depends primarily on the the quantity. According to the quantity we will recommend the appropriate technology: for small quantities - CD/DVD duplication, for quantities over 500/ 1000 pcs. - replication. When the quantity is replicated we can offer not only the standard 120 mm CD or DVD, but also all variety of shapes required - mini CD/ DVD 80 mm or CD/ DVD business card (oval, rectangle, triangle or a free drawn shape).

The package should be also considered. We offer low-price PVC sleeves and cardboard walets, but also higher price original luxury packages.

To the copies price comes the Artwork for the disc and package if it is our duty.

What kind of disc should I preffer - recordable or replicated?
When the quantity is small it should be duplicated. The replication for small quantities is not financially reasonable. Quantities of 1000/ 2000 or more discs can be also duplicated. We have the equipment to do this in hours.
The replication is the reasonable technology for bigger quantities.

Which printing technology is applicable for the different quantities?
Wenn small quantities are required it gets realized on recordable discs with a special printable surface using the ink-jet printing technology with protective UV coating. This surface has already certain dimensions and the print should correspond to this dimensions. This printing technology is extremly good for full-color image (picture), for texts and logos on white background, but is a little bit unpredictable if monochrome background with some text and/ or logos should be printed.
We recommend the UV coating when the print is ink-jet. This coating improves the visual appeal and protects the printed surface from dirt, smudges, scratching and weather impact.
For bigger quantities the print technology is offset. It is also loved by designer for full-colored Artworks.
Both printing technologies are in CMYK and Pantone-colors get realized by using their CMYK analogue.
If you prepare the printing file, please contact us to receive a template with the main requirements, which should be considered by preparing the printing file to achieve the desired the end-result.
When we prepare the printing file using your materials and/ or ideas, we will prepare versions matching your ideas and the requirements, specific for the technology ised.
We own high-technology CD printing machines and strive to achieve the optimum. However, the good prepared printing file is the key to the excellent final result.

Why should I use 50 MB CD business card, when I have 700 MB CD?
The information in the disc is not everyting. The shape of the disc makes it also unique.  If you stay by the standard round 120 or 80 mm CD and DVD or will look for a special shape - the desicion is only yours. The shaped CD/ DVD has one more potencial to make the disc unique. The shapes are limited only by your fantasy and the requirement to tuch Ø 80 or 120 mm.

Why the standard CD 's (120 mm) are cheaper than the business cards with smaller capacity?
The price of the CD is not defined by the capacity. The manufacturing of CD business cards includes one more process, which should be calculated additionally - the shaping process.

Can be shaped all possible forms?
Тheoretically YES. However, there are two moments, they should be considered:  
 • The new shape should fit in the 80 mm or 120 mm of CD/DVD tray rim.
 • Recommended are the well balanced shapes.
IMPORTANT! Shaped can be only replicated media. When small quantities needed there are only imported CD-R Business cards (50 MB) or  mini CD-R 80 mm (200 MB) and mini DVD-R 80 mm (1,4 GB). The CD-R Business cards are rectangle or oval shape with printable surface for ink-jet printing with UV coating.

Which package should I choose?
We can offer a large variety of packages and CD/DVD hubs/ spiders. Every single kind of it has his purpose and advantage in the specific situation. The PVC sleeves are cheaper, the CD/DVD is protected and the information on the disc is visible. The card walet integrate the protection and the chance to print more information on. When the CD/DVD is a part of other advertising materials you can use the CD/DVD hubs/ spiders. There are also PVC jewel boxes for standard, mini and card CD's and DVD's. You can choose them when the product should look as a piece of jewelry. However they are bigger and fragiler than the card walets.
If you look for impressiveness and one more way to demonstare uniqueness, you can choose our patented developments. With the trade mark M-PACK® there are a number of luxury packages for different CD/ DVD shapes and capacities. There is also the CD/ DVD postcard - another chance to find the "different" appearance - by presenting a cultural and historical see sight, invitation for all kind of events, greeting cards, etc...

Why should I choose M-DESIGN?
Of course we are not alone on the market when talking about presentations. Today everyone can create a PowerPoint presentation, prepare a press kit or in some other manner create his own CD/ DVD content - presentation, video or something else. However, we have reasons to state that our presentations have interesting approach featuring individuality and creativness and their style and functionalities consider the content presented.
If you have already prepared your content and you need just copies of it, we are here. Of course we are not allone in this activity, too. But just if you mean the standard discs. Are you looking for replicated mini and shaped CD/ DVDs, we are the only company in Bulgaria. We own equipment to produce every replicated disc in the shape needed.

You can make the right choice of packaging, too. As people say there is something for everyone - low-price celophane and polyethilene sleeves, standard CD and DVD boxes with fullcolor inserts, card walets with individual fullcolor print and don't miss our packages M-PACK® in varios models, as well as the CD/ DVD postcards.

We know what to do from the very beginning till the finalizing of the project, incl. copying and packaging. You have a ready for use product. Check it alone.

If you did't find the answer of the question you have, please contact us. We are here for you!