Bulgarian Landmarks

Bulgarian Landmarks

Have you ever been sorry for being somewhere and missing a video of the seen and experienced? We saw and recorded for you places, which deserve your attention to be seen, remembered and taken with through time and space. We met and talk to archeologists and museum authorities, we picked up and present amazing places, the history and the present of the Bulgarian land. To be as much as possible close to the interested person we impress through professional filming and multimedia developing in multilangual versions. Our products are comprehensible for every one who speaks and understands Bulgarian or Russian, German or English, French or Spanish, even Turkish and Japanese.

The series includes:

St. John the Precursor Monastery - Kardjali - a documentary in 5 languages (trailer)

Perperikon - The Sacret City of the Thracians  - a documentary in 8 languages (trailer)

Orpheus' Sanctuary near the Village of Tatul - a documentary in 7 languages (trailer)

Regional Historical Museum Kardjali - a documentary in 7 languages (trailer)


Boyana Church
Boyana Church - Pre-Renaissance in Bulgaria - a presentation in 4 languages (preview)

Troyan Monastery "Assumption of Virgin Mary" - a documentary in 5 languages (trailer)

Bulgaria in Splendour - a presentation in 4 languages (preview)

The East Rhodope - the Thracian Heritage - documentaries about Tatul & Perpericon in one package


The series get distributed in our patented packages DVD postcard and luxury package M-PACK (in mini DVD), the documentaries about Perperikon and Tatul can be find on standard DVD 120 mm in DVD box.

BGlandmarks-postcardsThe DVD postcard series "Bulgarian Landmarks" took the annual award for Souvenirs in New Technologies category on Reklama Expo 2008.

IMPORTANT! On the market exist unauthorized copies of our titles, duplicated on recordable discs (violet down surface). The original copies are replicated (stamper production) with a signature in the central circle on the down silver surface.