Shaped CD/ DVD - Your CD/DVD business card

Shaped CD/ DVD - Your CD/DVD business card

2014-04-13 12:25:00

You want to present yourself or your business and have the intention to submit to Your clients and partners a CD or DVD presentation. It is an attractive way, actually. Giving it to Your potentional client You provide not only contact information. You provide much more - the interactive presentation is not just information, not just a message, not just an appearance - it is all this together. And it can be Your business card.

On the marker there are only CD business cards in rectangle and oval shape and 50 MB capacity. We offer something more.

M-DESIGN is the only company in Bulgaria which has the equipment for producing discs with shapes other than the standard 120 mm disc, known as CD or DVD business cards. Their capacity starts with 50 MB by CD and with 300 MB by DVD. And the shape? Much more than rectangle and oval... It could be absolutly individual and unique!

Why do You need such a disc? Because through its shape the disc can accomodate additional information about corporate or personal identity. The disc can be triangle, square, oval or free shaped, following the lines of a logotype or an abreviation... So Your presentation gets more individuality at a glance.

You can count on us in creating the content for Your e-business card or You can provide Your own content.

We will choose the right disc shape and the package together. 
The equipment used allows us to go beyond the standards, to dream up, to create more than the rectangle shapes of the imported discs. Our CD/ DVD packages will afford an attractive products' perception, too.

More information about the different CD & DVD shapes and their capacity, as well as more about the features of a shaped disc produced by us.

Open a pdf with the most important characteristics of the shaped discs.

Еxpecting You!




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