Label printing of CD & DVD

Label printing of CD & DVD

2016-04-25 09:38:00

CD & DVD print technologies by different quantites and discs
/standard CD/ DVD 120 mm, mini CD/ DVD 80 mm, shaped CD/DVD/

15 years M-Design has experience, as well as professional equipment for branding and multiplicating of CD and DVD. Based on our expirience we strongly recommend the direct print on discs insteate of gluing stickers, no mater what the quantity is.

According to the quantity required we recommend the appropriate direct print technology:


inkjet print on printable disc with UV lacquerFor small quantities (1 ÷ 1000 pcs.) we use the direct fullcolor inkjet print (digital printing) with UV lacquering.

The number of colors is not determinant. For example, if you need only text in blue, the wanted tone get realized by CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) combination. Those technology allows a photo-realistic printing of all kind of pictures used in the design. It is the best decition, if you have for to use landscape, human face, backgrounds with gradients or shadows.
The technology recquires discs with a special printable layer. It is composed by two layers - one white background and a second hygroscopic layer, which should absorb the tint printed. The discs are coated by the manufacturer, that means that the disc's design should consider the dimentions of the printable layer. On the market exist stnadard discs (CD/ DVD 120 mm) with printable coating with central hole around 22 mm and up to 118,5 mm outher diameter. By the mini discs (CD/ DVD 80 mm) the center varies (18-22 mm) and the outher diameter is up to 78 mm. The rectangle CD-R business cards has also variations by the different manufacturer.

After the print comes the UV lacquer. It is not a caprice. The hygroscopic cover intended to absorb the water based tint continues to absorb the humidity in the environment, if the print is not protected. The UV lacquer gives not only a final vision,  makes the colors more contrasting and vivid, but also protect the print from weather influence and dirty hands.

  • offset print on shaped DVDFor quantities over 500/ 1000 pcs. we can offer direct fullcolor offset print. The tones wanted get achieved by CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) combination, too. The good photorealistic look is also guaranteed.

    This technology is used by replicated discs (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM). All mini and shaped CD and DVD, produced as replicated, get covered by this print technology.

If recordable discs (CD-R and DVD-R) get printed, they should have a pure (non branded) silver surface.

important! These technologies are based on CMYK combinations to achieve the color needed. All Pantone colors get reproduced in CMYK. Silver or gold tone (metalic) are not achievable in CMYK.


screen print on DVDThe third technology, used primarily for discs printing is the screen print. Nowadays, with the development of the photorealistic print technologies, this print is not more so actual as before. 
However, this technology allows printing in monochrome tones, all Pantone colors, as well as the metalic silver and gold. It is not aplicable for small quantities.

You can rely on our design and preprint professionals for preparing your edsign files, to receive advices or templates, if you prepare the design alone.

If recordable discs (CD-R and DVD-R) get printed we use discs provided by us. No compromise with the discs guarantees the quality of the optical media and the printable surface (for printable discs), so we achive the optimal results.

Rely om us!

The disc has two dimentions - visual and content related. Read more information about duplication/ replication technologies.

More about discs as shapes and capacity, as well the packages for them.

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