CD hub & spider - manufacturing

CD/ DVD hub & spider - manufacturing

2016-02-19 11:26:00

Several years ago we started the production of CD/DVD foam hubs and spiders. It is a realy reliable method for attachind a disc into a book, a brochure, a folder or a catalog, if some other special disc's package is not intended. CD hub with disc - in the design
The disc is inside, no danger to be scratched, stays in the book as an optical media, providing aditional information to the already printed. A proper graphical design of the page where the disc belongs could make the disc an element in the entire composition, not an unexpected object.

M-DESIGN produces two types of CD/ DVD centers/ clips:

cd hub1. Foam hub/ dot
-   diameter: 15 mm
-   height: 3 mm
-   material: foam
-   color: white and black (other colors by order)
-   attaching the disc: friction in the disc center


cd spider
2. Plastic spider/ clips
-   diameter: 32 mm
-   height: 4 mm (incl. board)
-   material: plastic
-   color: transparent (clear)
-   attaching the disc: clips in the disc center


The work with the hubs/ spiders is easy and comfortable. Just remove the wax paper and put on the prefered point. It sticks on various surfaces - cardboard, laminate, plastic... We use only self-adhesive tape with high adhesive parameters produced in EU.

On stock guaranteed - plastic spiders and white and black foam hubs. Other colors foam hubs by order.

Our own production line - warranty for quick supply and quality.

The production is marked with the trade mark M-PACK®


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