CD & DVD packages - CD & DVD boxes with inserts, PVC sleeves, cardboard wallets, luxury package M-PACK and CD DVD postcards

CD & DVD packages

2016-02-21 15:14:00

In the wide variety of packages you don't know what to choose?

Every single kind of package has his purpose and advantage in a specific situation. The PVC sleeves are cheaper, the CD/DVD is protected and the information on the disc is visible. The cardboard wallet integrates the protection and the chance to print more information on.  There are also PVC jewel boxes for standard, mini and  business card CD's, as well as for DVD's. You can choose them when the product should look as a piece of jewelry. However they are bigger and fragiler than the cardboard wallets.

That is not all. If you are looking for something special, discover our  M-PACK® packages or the interactive CD/DVD postcard. Both packages are patented and have already their admirers among our clients. M-PACK® package was awarded with the golden lion by the Union MADE IN BULGARIA and the series Bulgarian Landmarks in DVD postcard took the award for Souvenirs on ReklamaExpo 2008.
The CD/DVD hub (foam dot or rosette spider) is a nice way to attach a CD or DVD on allready printed advertising materials. We produce them and guarantee quantities at stock.

The print quality is also important - for all small quantities packages, inserts, flyers, etc. we have our own high quality digital print equipment. For larger quantities we work in cooperation with printing houses. We have also finishing equipment for laminating, lacquering,creasing, gluing, etc.

Make your choice! See our packages here!


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