CD & DVD duplication and replication

CD & DVD duplication and replication

2016-04-25 15:38:00

M-Design Ltd. offers to you a fast high quality duplication and replication of the advertising product created by you or us on standard (120 mm), mini (80 mm) or shaped CD-R, CD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-ROM (CD or DVD business card, CD or DVD ticket).
The disc capacity has his importance for the storage of the information. However, it is not all. If the replicated product has representative functions, think about the most appropriate shape. To take the right decision which media and shape will fit mostly to the purpose you have to consider the discs quantity, too.  If the quantity is small (50-250 pcs) you need CD-R or DVD-R (R = recordable). When the quantity is over 500 pcs, the reasonable media is CD-ROM and DVD-ROM (ROM = read only memory).

Be activeYou don’t know where the difference is? Let us explain it. CD-R/ DVD-R made by different manufacturer get purchased blank on the market. They are intended for burning on computers or duplicators. The manufacturing of CD-ROM/ DVD-ROM includes the unique stamper of your title. They get produced just in factories.

Get your content duplicated/ replicated on standard or shaped CD and DVD. Be different choosing one of our patented packages - the luxury package M-PACK® or the CD/ DVD postcard, as well as the different cardboard or PVC wallets.

Make your right combination of disc and package here!

Contact us to help you making the reasonable choice.

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