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models & printing

3D digital models & printing

3D digital models & printing

3D printingCreating digital models and 3D printing

You need rapid prototyping of a new element or an unique part of Your retro car is missing... Applaying the 3D printing method we can provide the detail needed quickly and cost effective.  

The 3D printing technology expandes successfuly in many areas of the life - beginning with creating unique parts for machines and automotives, architecture and industial models and prototypes, presenting concepts in 3D models in advertising branche, in jewellery, healthcare and many more...

3D принтиранеAs opposed to the traditional techniques for processing materials, where subtractive processes are applyed (drilling, cutting etc.) the making three-dimensional solid objects in 3D printing is achieved using additive processes, where an object is created by laying down successive layers of material.

Our 3D objects are created using PLA and ABS materials. They are used for:

 »  concept models - communicate design concepts to clients, test out more ideas and develop only the right one
 »  functional prototyping - models and details for testing design and functionality in real conditions
 »  architectural models - visualization of buildings/ industrial objects in scale and proportion 
 »  marketing and design - replacement/ suppletion of graphical ideas with a realistic 3D model
 »  producing unique (small number) objects/ details - broken machine parts, plates/ awards ...

To create/ reconstruct the object desired we need to create a file with a virtual object (thrее-dimentional digital model). The client should provide us with a drawing (2D), which will be used to "raise" the 3D model or he need just to bring us the demaged part and we will reconstruct it.

1. The model we can create as one object has dimensions WxLxH 240х240х290 mm. Model with dimensions bigger than the written above get printed in parts and glued. This method is good for conceptual and architectual models. However, it is not the right way, if you need to replace a broken detail (machine part) used in extrеme conditions (high temperature, pressure, friction)

2. The strength of a 3D printed detail is defined by 75-80% of the strenght of an injection molded detail made of the same plastic. 

Other services in 3D visualisation area - creating of 3D objects for advertising branche (presentations and other interactive applications, video ads, printing materials), interior and exterior design.